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Crumbs Bake Shop Review

I took the train back home to the suburbs this weekend but on my way to the train station I made a stop at Crumbs Bake Shop. The bake shop just opened maybe a month ago in Chicago and I heard about it on the news. After first hearing about it I went to their website,, and realized this was a place I had to try asap. They have so many cupcakes and they all come in multiple sizes. So many of them sounded delicious!

I wouldn’t say the chicago location is hard to find but it could easily be passed. Their storefront is very small, if I was just walking down the street and not planning on going there I wouldn’t of noticed it. The cupcake prices are different in the store than what they are online. Online they are all a flat rate of $4.50 but instore they range from $3.75-4.50 depending on what cupcake you decide (the normal sized cupcakes). I ended up buying 6 cupcakes which came to $22.75 and after tax it was an even $25. The flavors I picked up were s’more, caramel apple, blackbottom cheesecake brownie, good guy, & peanut buttercup.

Compared to other cupcakeries in Chicago this one is not my favorite. My favorite is still Molly’s Cupcakes but this one so far is coming in as second. It blows Sprinkles out of the water. Crumbs cupcakes are moist and bigger than normal ones. Most of the cupcakes are suppose to have a filling but the fillings are almost impossible to find in the cupcakes themselves. There is barely a dot in them. They need to be more generous with that and I would also like to see other types of fillings in them, not just buttercream or cream cheese frosting. But overall I do recommend and would go back.